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18 March 2022
How to buy Bitcoin Additional (BTCa) coins through exchangers?

1. Registration on the exchange’s website –  https://quan2um.com.

2. We pass verification:

3. After passing the verification, including sending the passport and video, you can start transferring funds.

4. Go to the wallet page — https://quan2um.com/ru/cabinet/wallets

5. Look for BTC at the bottom and click on the “deposit” button

6. Copy this wallet address. It is your personal wallet on the exchange.

7. Now you need to transfer bitcoins to this number

Below we will look at three popular exchangers and how to use them to replenish your wallet on https://quan2um.com.

Moon Pay

1. Click the “Buy Crypto” button.

2. Next, select the pair BTC/USD. Specify the amount you wish to exchange.
Press continue.

3. Now you must enter the wallet number that we copied in step number 7.

Press continue.

4. Enter your email

Press continue.

5. Enter the confirmation code that came to your email.

Press continue.

6. Enter payment information

Press Buy now

8. Now on the main page of the site https://quan2um.com we click the buy button next to BTCa.

9. Then enter the required amount and click buy

10. Congratulations! Now you have a BTCa owner