Bitcoin Additional is an eco-friendly way
to mine bitcoin.

BTCa is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency that is both an instrument for investment and a means of payment.

Experts predict high profitability.


Available now!

Investing BTCa in MasterNodes equals
income for investors.

Development is planned for 2022-2025

Investment Platform

for selection and funding
of startups around the world.

Online payment in stores

of popular shopping platforms
(Bitrix, Joomla, WordPress, Tilda, and Shopify).

Issue of a physical card

we are creating a card that will allow you to use your BTCa earnings to pay in restaurants and shops in the same way you use a bank card today.


BTCa is a fork of bitcoin based on Proof of Stake consensus

The BTCa coin is backed by Bitcoin, the strongest cryptocurrency on the market. If bitcoin crashes, the whole crypto market crashes.

Transactions are made as quickly as possible

Transactions on our exchange are among the cheapest in the blockchain system ($1/100 per transfer)

High return on investment in Masternodes

Profit depends on the number of invested BTCa

The creators of BTCa are professionals of the highest caliber

Our team is composed of industry experts who have been working in and developing the field of cryptocurrency for years.

Ready to buy a BTCa coin?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. Whether you are a business owner, a developer, or a first time investor BTCa is for you.

1. Go to the Quan2um exchange

2. Buy BTCa coins

3. Join instant MasterNode

4. Start receiving regards today


  • Buy a coin, send it to MasterNodes, and receive rewards. No hassle, no complications.

Now we are purely investing in the coin. We expect to reap a profit after the coin is introduced into the commodity money circulation and after the premine is sold out.

The deposit can be returned after a week.

Yes, it is! You can sell a coin at any time at the BTC rate.


join our community chat, ask any questions and get answers

Audience on social networks has more than 1000 people around the world

Invest in large

No risk to your own funds. Your coin balance will be multiplied by ten times for a higher Bitcoin Additional eco-mining reward.