Bitcoin Additional roadmap

Desktop Wallet Designed

for Windows, Linux, and MacOs allowing you to:

Receive and send coins to wallet addresses using QR codes

Send coins to Staking

Create masternodes

Mobile Application Development

for iOS and Android allowing you to send and receive coins:

–  By wallet address

– By QR Code

Using the Shake-to-Pay function

WEB Wallet Development

lets you:

Receive and send coins to wallet addresses

Invest in masternodes from 0.001 BTCa

Development of Fork coin

listed on the following exchanges:

– Quan2um

– HitBtc

Creating a mining a pool on the Quan2um exchange

Issuance of Physical Cards

will allow you to pay for good and make purchases with your BTCa earnings

Stop selling BTCa Coins

redistribution of remaining coins will be used to open masternodes. This will create a shortage of coins on the market and increase the price.

Development of the Financial Ecosystem

integration into payment systems and online stores. 

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