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15 April 2024
Robert Kiyosaki predicted the collapse of the US economy

The well-known author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and successful entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki stated that the US is on the verge of bankruptcy and urged people to invest in gold and cryptocurrency.

In January, when the Bitcoin ETF was approved in the US, Kiyosaki predicted that the price of Bitcoin would soon rise to $150,000. He recommended exchanging “fake dollars” for gold, silver, and cryptocurrency.

Later, he explained that he sees Bitcoin as protection against the loss of savings due to inflation, taxes, and manipulation by authorities and banks. Therefore, he calls on others to also invest in digital gold.

Recall that in March, Kiyosaki predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach $300,000 this year.

Also, in the same month, billionaire investor and head of Pershing Square Capital Bill Ackman suggested that digital gold (Bitcoin) could increase in price, and the US economy could face collapse.

“The EVERYTHING BUBBLE, stocks, bonds, real estate SET to CRASH. US debt increasing by $1 trillion every 90 days. US BANKRUPT. Save your self. Please buy more real gold, silver, Bitcoin.” he wrote.