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15 November 2023
R. Kıyosaki: Protect Yourself from Central Banks, Buy Bitcoins

Renowned financial guru and author of the bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, expressed his opinion that central banks, such as the US Federal Reserve, are not oriented towards protecting the interests of ordinary people and primarily focus on banks.

He emphasized that central banks’ purchase of gold does not guarantee that paper money will be adequately backed. Consequently, those at the top are trying to safeguard themselves from their own inability.

Due to this, the financial expert advised his followers to use their wits and protect themselves from central banks by investing in precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

Kiyosaki’s new recommendations to invest in these assets align with his previous statements where he claimed that governments tend toward wars and poverty.

The renowned investor recently noted that the wealthy do not work with “fake” money like the US dollar but instead invest in “real assets” such as rental real estate, gold, silver, and bitcoins, providing long-term financial stability and freedom.

Currently, the primary cryptocurrency is hovering around the $37,000 mark, showing a 6.1% weekly increase over the past seven days and a 37% increase over the week.