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30 November 2023
Milea’s victory in the elections in Argentina brought Bitcoin to an ATH against the peso.

After Javier Milea’s victory in the Argentine elections, a supporter of digital gold, the value of Bitcoin against the Argentine peso approached its all-time high. According to data processed after counting 99.3% of the votes, Milea surpassed his competitor Sergio Massa by 11.4% of the votes, forcing the latter to concede defeat.

The future president of Argentina, whose inauguration is scheduled for December 10, is known for his criticism of the country’s central bank, which he accuses of fraud and describes as “a mechanism through which politicians deceive good people with the inflation tax.”

Javier Milea has expressed support for Bitcoin, seeing it as a “return of money to its original creator – the private sector.” However, he has not officially expressed intentions to recognize digital gold as a legal means of payment, as has been done in El Salvador and the Central African Republic. Despite this, Max Keiser, an advisor to the President of El Salvador on Bitcoin matters, speculated about the possibility of a diplomatic cryptocurrency team visiting Argentina.