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08 March 2024
Jim Cramer expressed doubt about further growth in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has reached its peak, and further growth is unlikely, according to former hedge fund manager of Cramer & Co and host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer.

The statement came after an ATH update and subsequent decline to $59,000.

The Bitcoin skeptic made jokes about MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor, who vowed never to sell the asset.

“Hi, my name is Jim Cramer and I called #Bitcoin a scam and told everyone to sell at $24,000. Bitcoin has since hit a new all-time high. — Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) March 5, 2024”

Recall that on January 18, the TV host referred to the decline in the price of the first cryptocurrency as an “unpleasant start to the sell-off.”

Cramer’s reaction may be related to the company’s intention to raise $600 million through bonds to increase its position in digital gold.

In response, Watcher.Guru reminded everyone of Cramer’s unfulfilled predictions. “Hi, my name is Jim Cramer. I called Bitcoin a scam and advised everyone to sell at $24,000. Since then, the price has reached a new record level,” the publication wrote.