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17 April 2024
Deutsche Bank: 52% of Americans Consider Cryptocurrencies an Important Asset Class

According to a survey conducted by Deutsche Bank among 3600 American consumers, published by Reuters, optimism regarding cryptocurrencies and their future recognition has increased. According to the research results, 52% of the survey participants expressed the opinion that digital assets will become an important class and method of conducting financial transactions in the future. Previously, only 40% of those surveyed shared such a view. Those who consider cryptocurrencies a passing fad have decreased to less than 1%.

Approximately 33% of respondents expect the price of Bitcoin to fall to $20,000 by the end of the year. This group has also decreased from 36% in January. However, only 10% of survey participants are confident that the price of the first cryptocurrency will exceed $75,000.

In March, a survey by Nickel Digital showed an increase in institutional investors’ interest in cryptocurrencies in light of favorable prospects for the development of this industry. More than 74% of respondents intend to increase their investments in digital assets.

It is worth noting that in September 2023, a ConsenSys study showed that 99% of the population of Nigeria are aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, surpassing the figure for the United States, which stood at 95%. According to global data, 92% of the world’s population understand this market area.