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20 March 2024
CEO of Vanguard warns against Bitcoin ETF due to the “speculative” nature of the asset

Tim Buckley, the CEO of Vanguard, expressed his disagreement with the idea of ​​creating a Bitcoin ETF due to the risks associated with the instability of this asset. He emphasized this aspect in his address to clients, cautioning against including Bitcoin ETFs in pension portfolios due to the speculative nature of this cryptocurrency.

Despite requests from Vanguard clients for the possibility of trading Bitcoin ETFs, Buckley reaffirmed his decision not to include this instrument in portfolios until the nature of the asset itself changes.

In January, he already noted that the crypto market is not mature enough and does not adhere to the company’s principles.

Despite the approval of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs, Vanguard remains opposed to crypto funds and does not provide its clients with the opportunity to purchase such products, even after numerous requests.

“When the stock market suffered during the crisis, Bitcoin followed suit. That’s why it’s speculative. It’s really difficult to think about how to include it in a long-term portfolio.”