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14 December 2023
Bitcoin has reached a revolutionary milestone

Bitcoin has reached a historic breakthrough, but not in connection with a change in price. This cryptocurrency leader, with the highest market capitalization, has set a new record for the number of addresses with balances. According to the analytical company IntoTheBlock, there are currently more than 50 million addresses with bitcoins in the world. This figure indicates a 17% growth since the beginning of the year and is an important step forward. The total number of bitcoin addresses with balances continues to increase, surpassing the 50.21 million mark.

This increase in the number of active addresses highlights a sustained interest in storing and investing in Bitcoin in the long term. The total number of bitcoin addresses, including those already created and previously holding the crypto asset, currently stands at about 1.25 billion.

Bitcoin rose to $44,500 on December 5, indicating the eagerness of traders anticipating further growth. Despite small profits for short-term investors, the price of Bitcoin still holds above the $43,000 mark.

A crypto analyst named Ali notes stable price support for Bitcoin at the $42,700 level, which gained significance after 642,000 purchases totaling 347,000 BTC. In case of a breach of this support level, attention will shift to the next key zone around $38,000. While continuing the upward trend, Bitcoin may head towards the next major supply zone at $47,300, where 614,000 wallets hold 427,000 BTC.