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15 January 2024
An expert has forecasted an “absolutely explosive” year for Bitcoin

In 2024, Henrik Zeberg, a macro-strategy expert, predicts that the cryptocurrency market will experience a “fantastic” surge, with the value of digital gold reaching $150,000. While traditional markets, according to Zeberg, will face the “worst crash since 1929” when the Great Depression began in the United States.

Zeberg claims that the dynamics of digital assets this year will be “parabolic” due to the influx of new participants. He also notes that, thanks to the attraction of institutional and traditional investors after the possible approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States, the first four months of 2024 could be “incredibly impressive” for the cryptocurrency market.

“Bitcoin will become absolutely explosive — it will go vertical. I think we will reach at least $115,000. That is my very minimum forecast. The $150,000 level is also quite achievable, and I see potential for $250,000,” stated the economist.