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18 March 2022
Investing in BTC masternodes is a profitable solution in the cryptocurrency market

The Profitability of Investing in BTC Masternodes in the Cryptocurrency Market

On February 02, 2022, sales of one of the most anticipated bitcoin forks, the BTC coin, started. According to analysts, it is the release of this stablecoin that can become the reason for the growth of the bitcoin rate in the medium term, which will turn the general trends in the cryptocurrency market.

The optimal solution is to invest in BTC masternodes (you can invest in a masternode from 0.001 coins). It is more profitable than bitcoin mining, since there is no need to buy expensive mining equipment, and the use of the PoS algorithm makes cryptocurrency mining innovative and environmentally friendly.

In the first two months after the release of the BTC coin, investments in the instant masternode are the most profitable, since the ROI is the highest. Every minute, 0.5 BTC coins are generated in the network, which is distributed among the block validation participants in the following proportions:

·         99% — masternodes participants;

·         1% — to coin stackers.

0.495 BTC coins are distributed in proportion to investments between the participants of the instant masternode. And as long as the number of masternodes is not too large, the ROI will be as high as possible.

Each of us understands that in a falling market it is very important to increase the balance in cryptocurrency. Only this will allow you to exit the bearish cycle with a huge profit!

Invest in BTC masternodes – this is the best income right now!