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18 March 2022
How to invest BTCa in masternodes?
  1. To start investing in BTCa, you need to log in to your Personal Account https://quan2um.com/

2. Click on the icon with squares – then click on “Invest in BTCa masternodes”

3. On this page, you can see the number of open masternodes to date, as well as ROI in percentage. Please note that ROI shows the estimated annual return

4. Click the invest button

5. Next, enter the amount that we want to invest in the masternode. the minimum amount is 0.001 BTCa.

6. Click on invest.

7. Congratulations on a successful investment! Now you just have to wait for the accrual of rewards that occur every week and are automatically withdrawn to your account.

Withdrawal of the deposit is possible in a week and only the full amount is withdrawn.

If you still have questions, you can ask them in our telegram chat.