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05 ноября 2022
Binance has helped Iran process transfers totaling $8 billion since 2018 despite US sanctions

This is reported by Reuters with reference to data from the on-chain firm Chainalysis.

It is claimed that about $7.8 billion came to Binance from Iran’s largest crypto exchange, Nobitex. Three-quarters of the declared funds came to TRON (TRX). In addition to TRX, Iranians also use bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETHE), tether (USDT), XRP and litecoin (LTC) to circumvent sanctions.

This is not the first time Reuters has accused Binance of serving customers from Iran in defiance of US sanctions. In July 2022, the agency released material stating that «seven Iranians circumvented the ban and used their accounts on the exchange until September 2021.»