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25 октября 2022
The complexity of Bitcoin mining has set a new record

As a result of another recalculation, the complexity of mining the first cryptocurrency increased by 3.44% to 36.84 T.

The specialists of the analytical company Glassnode noted that the hashprice (the income of miners for the funds spent) reached a record low of $66,500 for 1 EH/s.    

«This means that bitcoin miners earn the lowest reward in history for the hash power spent. This probably puts the industry under severe stress in terms of revenue,» the analysts added.

Ethereum sensed this problem in time and switched to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. Miners have become validators and mine coins using staking — without the cost of equipment and electricity. 

Bitcoin is in no hurry to change the system, however, Bitcoin Additional ecomining (BTCa) is available to fans of the world’s first cryptocurrency. The project works on PoS, and the cost of BTCa is equal to BTC 1 to 1.