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10 октября 2022
Rising prices and falling income from miners: what happened to bitcoin last week

Bitcoin starts the week with a slight increase of 0.32%. Bitcoin has grown by 1.13% in 7 days. 

Asset price now: $19,456. 

— Last week, bitcoin rose to $20,300, but the price of the cryptocurrency fell by $450 after the release of US unemployment data for September: its level was 3.5%, which is lower than expectations and the previous value of 3.7%. Such data will force the Fed to raise the key rate by 75 bps.

What else have we learned about Bitcoin over the past few days.

The long-term online indicator RHODL Ratio has started to leave the «green zone», which means a deep oversold bitcoin.

The correlation of bitcoin with gold has grown to values more than a year ago on the background of a strengthening dollar, Kaiko analysts noted.

Against the background of the weakening of the British pound against the dollar, the trading volume in the BTC / GBP pair has reached new heights.

Over 13 years, the Bitcoin hashrate has grown by 4 quadrillion percent. At the same time, the income of bitcoin miners per 1 TH/s has fallen by 81% since October 2021 — from $0.422 to the current $0.077.

Were you waiting for an obvious signal to switch to ecomining? Here it is. Ethereum is already working on PoS, and there is Bitcoin Additional for eco-friendly bitcoin mining.