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15 сентября 2022
How to get passive earnings in bitcoins if there is no money at all

The Quan2um referral program is the same business, but with passive income in cryptocurrency. You do not need to rent an office, hire employees and open an individual entrepreneur. All you need is to send a referral link, referral ID or QR code to a person from your personal account.

The invited user will receive cashback, and you will receive 2.5% of his reward for ecomining Bitcoin Additional. Read the detailed terms of the program here.

How to recommend people to follow a referral link. And where to find these people

Use personal connections

Invite relatives, friends and colleagues to the Quan2um exchange. Contact them personally or in correspondence.

Warn that you are not working as a representative of an MLM business, but simply recommend a good crypto exchange for beginners, where you can mine bitcoin without spending on equipment and electricity.

Specify the advantages of registration by the link: the user will receive cashback from the exchange commission, and you will receive a small reward from his income.

Use a blog and social networks

Post a post on social networks and write in private messages to those you rarely see in life. Many will be grateful to receive a nice bonus. If you run a blog, then a referral program will be a good way to monetize your audience.

Hand out flyers

The easiest way to develop your referral network is to distribute flyers with a referral id. Distribute them among friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. Distribute leaflets at the university or go to a passable street near business centers.

We have made informative flyers, you just need to print them out and write your referral id in the appropriate field.

How much can you earn in a year

Let’s assume that you distribute 10,000 flyers with a referral id per month — that’s 300 flyers per day. You can use other methods, but let’s count on this example.

Suppose you distribute 10,000 leaflets a month (300 per day). 

— 10%, that is, 1000 people, will register on the exchange and invest $100 in ecomining. It will be $100,000.

— The amount will increase by 3% in a month. The reward for ecomining will be $3000.

— 2.5% of this amount is your profit. Get $75.

— Maintaining the dynamics of 300 leaflets per day, there will be a passive income of $900 per year.

— If you send the received funds to ecomining, you will receive an increase of 34%, which is $1206 per year. 

The bitcoin exchange rate is growing from year to year, so the calculations here are minimal. The amount will increase as the price of the cryptocurrency increases.