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29 сентября 2022
How to buy Bitcoin Additional (BTCa) in rubles using a bank card or SBP

The scheme for buying cryptocurrencies for fiat looks like this: enter USD on the Quan2um exchange using the KiberPay service — buy USDT — buy Bitcoin — buy Bitcoin Additional at a rate of 1 to 1. To perform these actions, you do not need to enter additional links in the browser — the exchange interface will tell you everything, just click on the buttons 🙂

Open a personal account on the Quantum exchange. If you don’t have one, register. In the card under your name, select Tether and click «Top up».

In the «Replenishment» window, click «Fiat», in the «Payment method» section, select KiberPay and enter the required amount in the card on the right. Minimum: 0.1 USD, however, for further purchase of Tether (USDT) you will need from 10 USD. Click «Next».

You will be taken to the replenishment page from KiberPay, where you can choose a convenient method of purchase: transfer by card number or phone number (SBP).

You will have 5 minutes to make the transfer, but the time can be extended. When transferring via the Fast Payment System (SBP), you do not need to enter card details — just send the exact amount by phone number in the bank’s mobile application.

After the payment, you will see the transfer status. The money will arrive within a few minutes. Click the «Return to your personal account» button to be on the exchange and see the accrued funds.

It remains to open a «Market» on the Quna2um exchange and find a trading pair of USDT / USD. After buying USDT, buy BItcoin in the BTC / USDT pair, and then — Bitcoin Additional coins in the BTCA / BTC pair.