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03 октября 2022
Tornado Cash, arrest of the head of Terra and Ethereum on Proof of Stake: summing up the results of September

Over the past month, several important events have occurred that have affected the crypto market. Let’s remember them.

NFT in the App Store

On September 23, Apple allowed the purchase and sale of NFT in apps from the App Store and set a commission of 30%. The corporation was sharply criticized in the community. In particular, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple is «killing the NFT market.»

Withdrawal of assets from Tornado Cash

In the middle of the month, the US Treasury allowed users to withdraw cryptocurrency from Tornado Cash related to transactions not completed by August 8. You can withdraw funds after obtaining the appropriate license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The head of Terra is on the international wanted list. 

September was extremely unfortunate for the head of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon. First, a South Korean court issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of violating capital markets legislation, then Interpol joined, and the prosecutor’s office tried to freeze bitcoins up to $67 million Kwon.

Repurchase of Bank of England bonds. 

At the end of September, the Bank of England announced that it would buy back long-term government bonds in «any amount necessary» to stop the fall of the bond market. Experts explained that this is a positive factor for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

Calls for the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Europe. 

The European Central Bank called for accelerating the creation of a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry. Member of the Board of Governors of the regulator Francois Villeroy de Gallo is confident that it is necessary to follow the path of legalization of the industry — before it is too late.

The White House and the concept of cryptocurrency regulation. 

In mid-September, the White House presented the first-ever concept of regulating the cryptocurrency market in the United States. The government stressed that digital currencies, especially stablecoins, need to be regulated, because otherwise they can lead to «devastating consequences.»

International crypto payments in Russia. 

In September, the Russian authorities actively talked about the need to use cryptocurrencies in international settlements. The Finance Ministry said that the first such transfers could take place in 2023, and the relevant bill has already been agreed with the Central Bank.

Ethereum’s transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. 

On September 15, one of the most anticipated events from the world of cryptocurrencies took place — the «Merger» of Ethereum. As a result of the update of the altcoin network, mining was disabled, since then the security of the blockchain has been provided by validators. It was not without the separation of the chain and the appearance of the Ethereum PoW fork.

The traditionally unpleasant month for bitcoin is over. According to statistics, in October, the price of the first cryptocurrency is growing significantly, so we are buying before it’s too late. Well, don’t forget that Bitcoin Additional ecomining + Bitcoin price growth = happiness.

The Quan2um crypto exchange and the Bitcoin Additional project also have good news for September. 

Fiat on the stock exchange

The purchase of cryptocurrency in rubles using a bank card and a Quick Payment System (SBP) has become available. With the help of the KiberPay service, you can buy USD on Quan2um and exchange them for digital assets. Everything happens within your personal account. Instructions are here.

Quan2um in the list of the best crypto exchanges

According to CoinCodex, the largest aggregator of information about the cryptocurrency market, the Quan2um exchange is in 76th place.  

Listing Bitcoin Additional on CoinsBit

The event happened a little earlier, at the end of August, but I would like to remind you that the Bitcoin Additional coin is increasingly penetrating the crypto community and gaining the trust of users. Well, agree, who doesn’t want ecomining of bitcoin and potentially the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world?😏

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