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06 октября 2022
The European Union has banned providing cryptocurrency services to residents of Russia

The Council of the European Union approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, under which it imposed a complete ban on the maintenance of crypto wallets, accounts or crypto asset storage services — regardless of the amount of assets. Simply put, exchanges such as Binance can easily block your account. For this reason, it’s time to seriously and quickly think about transferring assets to other places.

Recall that Quan2um is independent of the decisions of politicians. We will not block users from Russia or other countries!

What else is in the package?

Since December, European operators will not be able to transport oil by sea to third countries at a price above the established ceiling, from February this ban will also apply to petroleum products.

The new sanctions expand restrictions on the import and export of goods, including steel products, machinery, chemicals, plastics and tobacco products. European companies were also banned from providing consulting services in the field of IT, law, architecture and engineering to Russian authorities and legal entities.

New individuals and companies have been included in the sanctions lists, but it has not yet been reported who exactly.