Bitcoin Additional Staking is an environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining with no additional investment in special equipment and high energy bills

Staking is a way of supporting the blockchain based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm

Participants lockup coins in wallets

The blockchain algorithm selects the validator

The longer you hold onto staking assets and the more coins you pledge, the higher the chance to earn rewards

Selected participant earns a fee for maintaining the security and efficiency of the blockchain

Why staking Bitcoin Additional is actually staking Bitcoin

Bitcoin Additional is a stablecoin of Bitcoin. That means the price of BTCa equals Bitcoin. You can exchange Bitcoin Additional to Bitcoin at a ratio of 1:1

Safely store your coins on your device

Crypto exchanges are like banks: it is your finances but they are under control and responsibility of other people. To start staking Bitcoin Additional you need to download the desktop wallet. It is a simple and secure way store coins on your own PC so that no one could block or hack your coins.

Staking Rewards

0,5 BTCa are generated every minute of which 0,005 BTCa go to stakers, and 0,495 go to masternodes. Staking Rewards are paid out to all stakers and depend on the number and age of coins invested. The more coins invested, the higher is the reward (the reward grows in proportion to the invested BTCa coins).

Minimum staking amount: 1 BTCa

How to stake Bitcoin Additional coins

Download the wallet on your PC and transfer Bitcoin Additional coins. Staking will start automatically when it meets the minimum balance needed for the asset (1 or more BTCa). Staking rewards are paid out on a daily basis. You can withdraw any amount at any time.

See the instructions for details: Learn how to download the BTCa wallet on your PC

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