Get UP TO 30% per year on investing BTCa in masternodes


Bitcoin Fork
on Proof of Stake Consensus

Minimum investment amount
from 0.001 BTCa

Stablecoin, the price is always
equal to BTC

BITCOIN ADDITIONAL is an eco-friendly way to mine bitcoin

The main mission of the project is to make bitcoin
accessible to everyone and lower the entry threshold for all investors.

You can be a beginner
or an experienced crypto investor But you already understand
that bitcoin is so expensive that at the current price of BTC,
only a few can
earn on bitcoin

BTCa coin is a fork of bitcoin We specifically created the BTCa coin
so that everyone can make a profit on masternodes and the growth
of the bitcoin rate

Why is it more profitable than just buying bitcoin? It's better than BTC

entry threshold

starting from

0.001 BTC

The rate of the BTCa coin is equal to the rate of bitcoin and grows after bitcoin, plus you have an additional opportunity to earn income through staking and masternodes

Technical implementation

All modern and environmentally
friendly technologies are used

Bitcoin fork

The coin is backed
by bitcoin at a ratio of 1:1

Issue 21,000,000 coins

Consensus Algorithm:
Proof of Stake

Stock ticker: BTCa

Blockchain Bitcoin Additional assumes rewards for block validation to two participants in the network: stackers and masternodes

Every minute, 0.5 BTCa is generated,

which is divided in a ratio of 1:99

0.005 BTCa for a stacker

0.495 BTCa for a masternode

There are 3 ways to earn money

Required minimum



from 1 BTCa

0.005 BTCa


from 1000 BTCa

0.495 BTCa

Investor's Choice

Masternode instant

from 0.001 BTCa


purchase amount


from 1 BTCa

0.005 BTCa


purchase amount


from 1000 BTCa

0.495 BTCa

Instant masternode

purchase amount


The most affordable way to earn passive income is to invest in an instant masternode

She is the same participant in the validation of blocks in the network, but the entry threshold is only 0.001 BTCa

Every day, your balance
will receive a reward for
generating new blocks in the blockchain

The reward will grow
in proportion to the invested
BTCa coins

What does income depend on?

The reward is calculated depending on the number of coins invested in the masternode.

The more you invest in BTCa, the more rewards you will receive

How to join the instant masternode?
The easiest way is through a pool on the Quan2um.com exchange

Register on the exchange

Buy BTCa coins

Send coins
to masternode

Wait for the reward

buy coin
BTCa it is safely

The price of BTCa is always
equal to the price of BTC

Investors can see
their coins are “working properly”

and see the details in real time

You have no risks
At any time, you can sell coins through exchanges or P2P network

Control over your funds
24 hours a day 7 days a week
You can pay and transfer coins through wallets on any device

Web wallet

Mobile Wallet

Desktop application

We plan to create an ecosystem of services
that will allow integrating Bitcoin Additional
into people's everyday lives

Payment for services and goods

Payment module in stores

will be integrated in all popular
store systems (Bitrix,
Joomla, WordPress, Tilda, Shopify)

Issue of a card

It is planned to create a card,
it will allow you to pay in restaurants, shops and pay for services

Simplification of mutual settlements
between people and companies

Shake to Pay
Shake the phone near the seller's phone

enough to pay

Pay at a restaurant, for seconds
without entering long wallet numbers

Development is planned for the period 2022-2025

We have implemented the most advanced investor account protection

We detect suspicious activity

from unauthorized actions
in 24/7 mode

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

protects investor cabinets
from intruders

DDoS protection

The servers of the exchange
and wallets are protected from malicious attacks

Ionov Nikita
Product Manager

Since 2019, our company has been developing in the field of the crypto industry

First we made the Quan2um crypto exchange

Then they implemented a bitcoin fork and got Bitcoin Additional, which is designed to popularize mutual settlements with cryptocurrency among people and help them earn money.


Buy a coin, send it to masternodes, receive rewards

Now we only invest in the coin, we expect to receive a profit after the introduction of the coin into the commodity money circulation and after the premine is sold out

The deposit can be returned within a week.

Yes! it is! You can sell the coin at any time at the BTC rate.

Already decided to buy a BTCa coin?

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living. You can be a business owner, developer or regular user

Go to the Quan2um exchange

Buy BTCa coin

Join instant masternode

Join our community chat, ask any questions and get answers

Audience on social networks has more than 1000 people around the world


Мастернода X10

Invest in large

No risk to your own funds. Your coin balance will be multiplied by ten times for a higher Bitcoin Additional eco-mining reward.