Bitcoin eco-friendly mining without investment in special equipment and high energy bills

Invest in Bitcoin Additional, a fork of Bitcoin functioning within the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and get rewards for staking and supporting masternodes. Each Bitcoin Additional coin can be easily exchanged to fully corresponding Bitcoin at the rate (1:1)

There are 3 ways of mining


Get passive income from green mining: just store coins in your personal wallet on your computer


Get the highest returns without commissions while securing your network

Instant Masternodes

Earn income from masternodes with a low entry threshold (from 0.001 BTCa)


Special nodes provide high-speed blockchain operation and decentralization. One of the tasks of such nodes is to sign blocks. As a reward for owning a masternode, the owner receives cryptocurrency, in our case, BTCa coins.

You will need:

– a desktop wallet

– a dedicated VPS server

– technical skills to open a Masternode

— a minimum value of 1,000 Bitcoin Additional coins.

Reward to masternodes: 99% (0.495 BTCa) every minute. Rewards are distributed in turn among all masternodes in the network.

Our team provides a complete consultancy and advice service, accompanying the clients who wish to open their own masternodes. At the same time, you can do it yourself following these instructions.

Instant Masternodes

The same masternodes, but available to users with a small deposit. We create instant masternodes to make Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone.

To predict the return on investment, use the calculator on the website or do the calculations yourself. The actual ROI is available on the Quan2um Exchange, now at 40%.

You will need:

– A laptop, PC, or cell phone with internet access

— a minimum value of 0.001 Bitcoin Additional coins

How to start investing?

1. Register on the Quan2um Exchange

2. Buy Bitcoin Additional


3. Invest coins

Investment Guide


Way of supporting a blockchain’s network by storing coins on a special account. To start staking Bitcoin Additional you need to download the desktop wallet. It is a simple and secure way store coins on your own PC so that no one could block or hack your coins.

You will need:
— A desktop wallet
Download for Windows, MacOS or Linux
— At least one Bitcoin Additional coin

Rewards for stakers: 1% (0.005 BTCa) is awarded every minute and distributed to all stakers . The distribution depends on the age and number of coins sent to the stacker. The more coins invested, the higher is the reward (the reward grows in proportion to the invested BTCa coins).

PoW Algorithm
PoW Blocks
1,000,000 BTCa
PoS Blocks
Last block time
Starting from 251
60 seconds
6 confirmations
Block Reward
MN Collateral
0.5 BTCa
0.495/0.005 BTCa (MN/PoS)
1,000 BTCa

Audience on social networks has more than 1000 people around the world

Invest in large

No risk to your own funds. Your coin balance will be multiplied by ten times for a higher Bitcoin Additional eco-mining reward.