How Bitcoin mining pools work and how much you can earn from joining them?

Bitcoin mining requires purchasing expensive specialized cryptocurrency hardware and paying high energy bills: it is not that easy to do a better job of mining with just a laptop for a regular user. Moreover, Bitcoin’s network mining difficulty rises and a block reward halves every four years (now equals 6,25 BTC). The next Bitcoin halving is expected […]

Is Bitcoin mining profitable in 2022?

There are several ways to make a profit with cryptocurrency. The first and simplest is trading – buy cheap and sell high. Secondly, you can participate in the blockchain system by mining coins on your own. Within the network of digital finance transactions there is a competitive process that verifies and adds new transactions to […]

Eco-Friendly mining calculator: Bitcoin rate profitability progress

The Bitcoin Additional functions within the Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm and does not require special equipment, making it possible to mine BTC without using large computing power. This is how it works: Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Additional (BTCa); Invest in masternodes: “freeze” coins on a special Quan2um Exchange wallet;  Get your reward. Why Bitcoin Additional […]

How to buy Bitcoin Additional (BTCa) coins through exchangers?

1. Registration on the exchange’s website – 2. We pass verification: 3. After passing the verification, including sending the passport and video, you can start transferring funds. 4. Go to the wallet page — 5. Look for BTC at the bottom and click on the “deposit” button 6. Copy this wallet address. It […]

How to invest BTCa in masternodes?

To start investing in BTCa, you need to log in to your Personal Account 2. Click on the icon with squares – then click on “Invest in BTCa masternodes” 3. On this page, you can see the number of open masternodes to date, as well as ROI in percentage. Please note that ROI shows […]